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I sent a rose bouquet and everything was perfect!
Totally recomended


Sent to my mom for her birthday, she said the macarons were delicious and flowers beautiful.

Very good

Good service


Fast service

Quick, reliable service.

Quick and easy ordering. Delivery was fast and I was kept up to date on progress. My mom loved her bday flowers!

Delivered as promised

Great selection of flowers 💐. The bouquet is turned out better than the picture. And was delivered as promised. Thank you

In laws loved it.


I purchased Kiss of Rose & Peony Bouquet and added on a " tall sleek glass vase", 6 cupcakes and a balloon for my girlfriends 30th birthday. The cupcakes and balloon where delivered to the complete wrong address. Luckily the person who received it called me to tell they she revived someone else order. I called them at 4:30pm EST with just music play in the background while I wait for someone to answer. I then email to tell them they delivered by order to the wrong address and I need someone to call me ASAP. I received an email back saying their office was closed. And yet on their website it says open until 5:00pm EST.
when my friend finally received the order and it was such a disappointment when I say what she received. A ballon that was basically deflated, cupcakes that looked days old and on top of that she received just roses in a crappy small black vase. Not a single peony or greenery. I emailed them multiple times with how upset I was with the service and product and never heard back!
I order all the time personally and for the office that I work at I will NEVER EVER use them again. hands down the worst!

Our guests loved it

We have this semi-monthly subscription which gets us fantastic wines every fortnight. We have always liked them so far and once we happened to serve it to our guests who were evidently floored by it. The hampers are delivered on time and they take extra care to ensure it reaches to us safely. Certainly recommended.

Economic and appreciable

The presentation of the hamper was beautiful and it arrived on time. The quality of the veggies exceeded my expectations and they definitely looked fresh. Plus, I got it on a discounted price on a sale, so it overall was great for me. Recommended.

It was wonderful

Received it as a birthday present from my grandparents a few days ago. There was not a single item in it that wasn't awesome. The liqueur, coffee, cookies, and even the mug was great. It looked stunning and attractive and was totally enjoyable. Would love to have more of it. Recommended.


The beers were refreshing and the info cards gave info cards were brilliant. The hamper had an impressive sort of packaging with a nice greeting card. It was a gift from my sister and I found it very enjoyable. Can be tried.

It was adorable

The hamper arrived on time and the items expected were all there and in perfect form. Everything was great in taste and quality. It was delivered on time in a nice crate. For all intents and purposes, it was a wonderful hamper and make a likable gift. Definitely recommended.

Extremely good

The inclusions in the hamper were perfect for enjoying a nice day off. The selection of them was great. Half a dozen bottles of chilled refreshing beer with crunchy, flavored chips. We liked your service. Many of the sites out there can take a leaf out of your book on how to provide a great product and win customers.

The most memorable gift ever

My dad got this subscription as my birthday present. I am in love with the beers they send me. True to their words, these hampers arrive on the due day with impressive packaging. I have had some of the best beers I ever had. Much impressed and would recommend it.

A great deal

The hamper was delivered within a day and the inclusions were all as expected. It was a gift for husband who loved it wholeheartedly. Everything was relishable and perfect in taste. Would love to order it again any day.

Exquisite wines

My brother-in-law was chuffed to receive this as a present for his 40th birthday. I was told all the wines were pleasant and delicious and the element of surprise made it worth waiting for. Much recommended.

A decent package

The items in the assortment were great for a nice little picnic. They tasted good and were enjoyable. Beers were awesome and the chips light and crunchy. Though I think that with 6 cans of beers there should have been some more for snacks. Otherwise, it was good. Can be given a try.

Lovely packaging

The hamper looked beautiful and the contents were fantastic. I got this for my sister who totally adored it. You guys did a great job, thanks.

It made a perfect gift

I bought this for a friend as a housewarming gift. It arrived on time and looked wonderful. It was a distinguished hamper with a pleasing assortment. Didn't see it in person but the thank you call from the recipient told me everything that I needed to know about it. I got it for a great price which made this deal even better. Loved it.


Tried this site for the first time and it impressed me with great items and professional service. This customizable basket makes a great gift for just anyone. Recommended.

Turned out to be great

The wine was lovely and refreshing with a nice wine accessory set that complemented it perfectly. My husband was surely pleased with it. The chocolate was a delicious one and the cake I added to the hamper was fresh, fluffy and mouthwatering, that solved the biggest of my problems. I knew the site won't send me anything mediocre but the hamper was exceptionally delightful. Much recommended.

Items were good

I bought this for a friend of mine who is brilliant at bowling. He adored the gift, each and every item of it. It was a nicely packaged hamper that arrived on time. Quite affordable, the hamper offers a nice assortment. It indeed was a great pick and I can easily recommend it.

Delighted with it

I don't usually leave a review on sites until and unless I am totally happy with the product. This hamper was a brilliant buy at this price. Guinness is a velvety and delicious beer that one can have at any time of the day. The glass mugs and the wooden crate too were excellent in quality. So 5 stars for the crate and service.

Loved them

My subscription has ended recently and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. All the vintage wines were wonderful and the level of service has been nothing short of professional and efficient. I am totally happy with this experience and going to get another subscription soon.