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The Hops Collective

At The Hops Collective we don’t just like beer, we like-like beer. We like ales, pilsners, lagers, and stouts; we like Cascade Hops, Munich Malts, Centennial Hops, and Wheat Malts. Yup, we sure like beer in all of its beautiful forms. It’s sort of the reason we started this whole club thing to begin with.

We also know firsthand how hard it can be to discover a new favorite beer. It can be tricky leaving your comfort zone and trying something new when your established favorites are so familiar, so comfortable. Now listen, familiar comfort is great, and if that’s all you need, we’re happy for you. That being said, at The Hops Collective we encourage the adventurous, those seeking new and exciting experiences; new and exciting beers. That’s what The Hops Collective is about, helping our subscribers discover intriguing new craft beers sourced directly from breweries across Ontario every month.

Our company follows all four of our Core Values: People, Service, Quality, and Innovation. These values determine everything we do as we strive to create the best goods and services available to our customers to ensure the very best gifting experience for all.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, then by all means take our hand and join us on this booze-addled adventure. Together we’ll experience a dynamite array of incredible craft beers firsthand and have a blast while doing it!

We’re proud of our outstanding focus on gift delivery in major Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, and Hamilton – as well as their surrounding areas and in many major American cities and states such as New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, New Jersey, and Connecticut. No one else does this!

And we’re always looking to expand our range of same-day gift delivery business. In addition to our e-commerce sites, we have physical locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York City. We are focused on doing same-day gift delivery service for costs that are lower for our customers and our business. Our goal is to provide even quicker gift delivery services throughout the day, evenings, and weekends.


The Hops Collective has an image to maintain; not just any beer will do after all. Something about it needs to be intriguing, exceptional. It need not only spark our curiosity, but the curiosity of our erudite subscribers as well. We draw upon our collective knowledge and sample exciting beers from across Ontario to ensure we are providing the very best to our discerning customers every month. We go through this lengthy process so that our subscribers will never be disappointed when they crack open a new shipment and savour the crisp contents within.