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October 09, 2018

Everyone has a different type of dad, and every dad is different. Day-to-day, the thought of all the different types of dads may rarely cross your mind. However, Father’s Day tends to bring the subject up unexpectedly. Looking at all the different types of dads and figuring out what type of dad YOUR dad is, is half the battle when finding him the perfect gift for Father’s Day. There are probably thousands of different types of dads, but compiled below is just a small sample size. Maybe your dad fits into one of these types, maybe not, but Father’s Day is fast approaching and you still have a gift to get.

The Cool Dad

All other types of dads don’t even come close to the coolness level of this dad. He has the cool car, the cool jacket, the cool sunglasses. You often say to yourself “I want to be as cool as my dad when I’m older”. But no one can be as cool as your dad. Unfortunately, his suave, his edginess, his poise; it all makes buying him the perfect Father’s Day gift so difficult. How could anything you get live up to the hype? Remember, this dad is different than all other types of dads. Whatever you get him, whether it’s inherently cool or not, he’ll like it, and he’ll MAKE it cool.

different types of dads father's day

The Embarrassing Dad

Compared to the previous example, this dad sits on the exact opposite end of the different-types-of-dads spectrum. He’s always doing bad impressions in public, he’ll tell bad jokes to your friends, he’ll make conversations with strangers longer than they need to be. For a teen or adolescent, growing up with the embarrassing dad was, well...embarrassing. But as you’ve aged, you’ve found yourself making bad jokes, doing bad impressions, and you realize that finding the right Father’s Day gift is about finding something fun and creative to match the fun and creativity of your so-called “embarrassing dad”.

The Highly-Trained Dad

He’s great at everything, and you mean EVERYTHING. Out of all the types of dads on Father’s Day, he’s the most highly-trained, like a swiss army knife, able to tackle any problem that comes his way. Growing up, you didn’t pay much attention to what he did or how he did it, you just unconsciously knew that whatever he did, it got done, and it got done correctly. Tools, sports, directions, he knows it all. Out of all the different types of dads, he may just be the easiest one to buy for. Whatever you get him, he’ll love it… and have it mastered within the hour.

different types of dads father's day

The “No Gifts” Dad

He tells you he doesn’t want any gifts for Father’s Day... well that settles that--just kidding! Out of all the different types of dads on this list, this one is undoubtedly the hardest to buy for. He said “no gifts”, so where do you go from there? This dad is simply being polite. Maybe he secretly wants a gift, maybe he doesn’t, but no matter what, you will surprise him with one nonetheless, because even the “no gifts” dad deserves a gift on Father’s Day.

Your Dad

At the end of the day, your dad is, well, your dad. He probably doesn’t fit into any one of these types of dads, or he cycles between them on a daily to weekly basis, embarrassing you in front of your friends, telling you he doesn’t need any gifts for Father’s Day, or knowing just about everything in the world. Whether your dad is cool, embarrassing, or highly-trained, he’ll love whatever gift you give him, because he’ll have gotten it from you.