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October 09, 2018

Finding the perfect beer for dads is like finding a needle in a haystack...of beer

Do you remember your first beer? Okay, do you remember your first of-age-beer? How did you know which brand to buy, or which type of beer you’d like? Chances are, your dad probably helped you out a bit. He probably introduced you to your favourite beer; that beer of course being your dad’s favourite beer. Although you may find yourself wondering, at a time so close to Father’s Day: what is the perfect beer for dads? It’s an understandable question, and a popular one this time of year, so don’t feel out of place. The perfect beer for dads is almost unanswerable. There are so many beers, so many brands, and so many different taste buds to go around. And the tricky part of it all: dads are the experts… on everything… especially beer.

Dad always knew what beer was best. His seemingly endless knowledge on the subject spanned the taste, the texture, the shelf life, the brewery, and a dozen other factors you never considered for beer, but he knew them. Sharing a beer with dad was like getting a history lesson about something you didn’t realize had this much history. If he was a beer enthusiast, he could easily turn you into one too.

Dad’s favourite beer was like a rotating roster of an NBA starting lineup, making the discovery of the perfect beer for dads all the more complicated. One month, it’s this well-known one. The next month, it’s that popular one. If you asked him which one was his favourite, he’d tell you. He’d also drop the names of several other beers, and their merits, and their positive qualities. The surprising part was that all of this was starting to sound interesting, and you found yourself turning into a beer enthusiast already. Beer with dad provided insight, not just to the beer you were both drinking, but to the man himself, and maybe even to the answer to the unanswerable: the perfect beer for dads. The more you learned about the drinks he talked about, the more you learned about him and his tastes.

Nothing quite like finding that perfect beer for your dad.

Dad’s favourite beer, in many cases, became your favorite beer. The sheer exposure, number of beers with dad and recommendations of said beer you were exposed to probably tipped the scales in favour of dad’s favourite beer. Or should we just called it your favorite beer now? However, there’s potentially another outcome to this entire scenario. What if dad’s favorite beer wasn’t your own? That’s fine. We all have different tastes and opinions. Though, as you grew older, wiser, and more knowledgeable about the world of beer and alcohol yourself, you discovered that your dad, the ultimate guide to beer, was missing something. What if you’ve finally discovered the perfect beer for dads?

I know what you’re thinking: “but what of dad’s endless knowledge of taste, texture, shelf life, breweries, etc?!” Well, what if there’s something dad may have overlooked; something beer-related that could surprise even a master like him? Hops Collective may just have that surprise. The perfect beer for dads may just be the one they haven’t tried yet. The Craft Beer of the Month Club could be that perfect surprise gift for dads on Father’s Day. Maybe there are beers in the monthly packages he’s never heard of. Sharing a beer with dad could become a bit more interesting. The student may have just become the master. At one time, you were introduced to dad’s favourite beer. Now, introduce dad to his NEW favourite beer!